Price ranges are based on our Level System. Associates in our Associate Program offer services on New Talent shifts at a reduced price. 

Prime Pricing is an additional 10% during the high demand weekend days 

Premium pricing may be charged (up to additional 50% of service price) when a stylist offers their off-schedule time to take on a guest in need or emergencies 

Hair Care pricing is based on time* 

*Additional iron work may have an upcharge based on time 


30 min $32-$42 (new talent $25.99) basic cut, no finish, or dry cut 

45 min $45-$65 (new talent $39.99) includes shampoo and finish 

60min $55-$75 (new talent $49.99) includes shampoo and finish 


Blow Dry $30-$38. (new talent $24.99) includes shampoo and finish

Formal Styling prices are based on stylist’s skillset in this area. In salon and On-site pricing: see wedding page for wedding party information .

Pro $60/$120
Pro Plus $75/1$50
Expert $85/$170 


*Full Balayage $161-$181 (new talent $145.99)

Single Process Color $70-$90 (new talent $59.99)

*Partial Balayage $139-$159 (new talent 125.99)

Double Process Color $99-$119 (new talent $89.99)

Full Highlight 136-156 (new talent $125.99) 

*Partial Highlight $127-$147 (new talent $115.99) 

*Dimensional Color $143-$163 (new talent $135.99) 

*These Color services include one toner and one treatment. All color services charge an individual product use price in addition to the base price for every guest. Your stylist is happy to review this with you during your consultation.