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Excited about having a new look ? We are too!

First let's go over a few things to ensure we are all set up for success.

Reservation arrivals & Cancelations

Need to cancel your appointment? NO PROBLEM!

We understand that emergencies happen! We kindly ask that you give us 24-hours notice if you cancel your appointment.

If 24-hours notice is not given, you will be charged 50% of the schedule service. Cancellations and “no shows” leave gaps in our schedules that cannot be filled without timely notice. This notification courtesy enables us to schedule another client and, in turn, maintains a higher availability of services for you as well as others.

Due to scheduled appointments of all of our clients, we may need to re-schedule your appointment if you are more than 10 minutes late.

Chemical Service Expectations

We see a lot of photos from Pinterest and Instagram and the like and wow so many hot looks! Here’s the real deal with photos. Many of them are “filtered” which is not a real representation of what is seen in real life. Filters enhance or diminish tonal values therefore are often times not realistically achieved by a simple color process. Important to know!

Cool Blondes Cool Brunette

Yes, we love the icy blondes and cool browns- we see a lot of them. To keep icy and cool requires regular maintenance of toner applications. This is because most hair wants to be warm so as a result “keeping it cool” means regular battling and/ or neutralizing warmth.

From Blondes to Darker

Want something closer to your “natural? level? This may take place over time and will require fillers and treatments. ALSO most important to know that is takes time to get used to seeing less brightness.

What does it take to get the look I want?

This all depends on the current condition of your hair and the goal. Remember hair color is not magic, it’s a science! Every case is different and factors may be:

  • Current level (dark to light) and tone (warm/cool) vs Desired level and tone- what is the range?
  • History What has been used on hair previously. Honesty is crucial.
  • Condition and Porosity – varying presence of moisture and protein, do you have “holy hair”?
  • Density (amount) and Texture (fine/coarse)
  • Desired look **Often the process takes place over a period of time and requires more than one visit**
  • Home care and maintenance – products you currently use and what will be recommended to supplement
  • Commitment – Understanding the process and a willingness to follow what is recommended
    Looks in Progress or Evolving Looks

Look in Progress / Evolving Looks

If going for a big change it’s best to consider what we call a “Look in Progress” or “Evolving Looks” which of course means to get to what you want will take time and must be approached over several visits. Sometimes instant gratification must become delayed gratification but enjoy the journey!

Khloe Kardashian Evolution

Explain by Tracy Cunningham Redken Creative Director

How long did it take to turn Khloe’s hair from brown to blonde?

“Khloé is the lightest of the Kardashian sisters, and as a child, she had very light hair. Over the years, she went darker and darker. From the beginning of the transition—from her dark-brown hair to her current blonde—it took three to four months of gradual lightening.”

Can you explain each step of that process?

“It was a process of adding highlights, then layering of highlights using Redken Flash Lift Lightener. Of course, one of my goals was to keep her hair healthy and lustrous throughout the process, so the steps were gradual. I used lots of Olaplex to restore the hair bonds and to make sure that when we had our ideal blonde color, her hair felt as great as it looked."

What do you think colorists wish their clients who hand them inspiration photos of Khloe knew?

“You have to be realistic and have patience and commitment. It takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. Also, as a colorist, I will evaluate whether blonde is your color. Khloe is very lucky—she’s a beautiful brunette and a gorgeous blonde. Not everyone can pull that off.”


If you’re not sure how you will look in a certain level or tone have some fun and try on some wigs! It’s fun and can help give you an idea if you can pull it off.

Beauty Budget

This is always an important consideration. Often there are a number of chemical processes involved to achieve the desired result. During consultation your stylist is prepared to discuss your cost and help you make decisions to keep within your budget.

Chemical Service Agreement

Please fill out the Chemical Service Policy prior to your reservations. 
Chemical Policy Agreement